on moving and the nature of change

It may be that the very fact I’m writing this post now belies what I actually want to say, but this has not changed my view. Yet. Let me explain: I was supposed to start this blog on the occasion of moving in to my own flat, for the very first time living alone. Yet that was something like two months ago, and what I want to say is how I consider change – even if it is moving out/in – a moment and not a process.

I actually waited quite much before moving, so as to get everything ready. Well, as much as it was possible: I still have to get some things done, give away some furniture I inherited from the previous owners, get some other pieces and so on. But when I did move in, it took me a day to pack and bring everything (or almost), another two days to unpack and clean everything. I would not sleep here before bringing my stuff, even if I did have my mattress and some coffee here. Because I did not want to make moving out a process. I wanted to make it a moment, and that I did.

“Small changes may take time, but great ones happen in a single moment”.

Small changes take time, ripen slowly and happen without being immediately noticed, whereas a real great change will just happen and strike me on the head, seemingly without antecedents – but I began to think it is a kind of a quantity vs. quality question, and great changes happen when all the small ones have accumulated and suddenly become something more than their simple sum.

As for why I want any change to be a point rather than a process? Because in that way I can finish and close whatever there was before and begin with a clean slate, so to say. If I let it be a process, I end up living trough a series of overlapping stories, unable to either finish the ones that should end or actually start the ones that should begin, and end up completely overwhelmed.

What think you?


One thought on “on moving and the nature of change

  1. Well, this is a good news and now you have your freedom and the space or in simple words your Palace where you are ruler to set the rules.

    So all the best way ahead.

    Ali :)

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